Kate Knight ‘Force of Nature’

Folkestone Museum is delighted to present new works by artist Kate Knight.  Based in Folkestone, Knight works primarily with figurative imagery enabling an exploration of nature, whilst drawing upon the aesthetics of desire, sex and death. She currently works in biro as well as working in oils and with sculpture.


The use of biro on such a large scale is labour intensive and lends itself to the capture of very fine detail. Like images from a picture book these murals appear to be etchings rather than drawings made by hand.  For inspiration for her latest series of artworks, Kate has delved into the archives of Folkestone Museum’s extensive taxidermy collections, capturing feathers, butterfly wings, fur and talons all in intense detail from the preserved remains of mainly native species from the British Isles.


Kate studied her BA Fine Art Painting at Chelsea College of Art and design 2005. She was selected as the runner up for the Marmite Prize for Painting 2010 as well as being selected for ‘Artist of the Day’ at Flowers Central, Cork Street in 2010. She exhibits regularly in London and further afield.

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