Eanswythe and the Anglo-Saxons

Folkestone Museum and St Mary’s & St Eanswythe’s Church jointly present ‘Eanswythe and the Anglo-Saxons’ on the 11th & 12th September.

This weekend, which we hope to become an annual event, is a celebration of Folkestone’s Anglo-Saxon (410-1066AD) heritage, including its patron Saint St Eanswythe. The event is timed to coincide with St Eanswythe’s feast day, which falls on the 12th September every year. St Eanswythe is one of England’s earliest indigenous saints, a member of the Kentish Royal Dynasty, who helped introduce Christianity into the country by welcoming the Augustinian mission in the 5th Century. Eanswythe herself, born some forty years later was to figure in the establishment of Folkestone’ Anglo-Saxon minster and her remains, exceptionally, have stayed in the church dedicated to her, surviving Henry VIII’s Reformation and the break from the Roman Catholic Church in the 1530s.

Saturday 12th September

This is the focus for the historical aspects of the event, which will take place in both the Museum and St Mary’s & St Eanswythe’s Church. The locations and times are as follows (subject to availability):

11.00 (Church)              Welcome by Father John Walker
From 11.00 (Museum)  Anglo-Saxon storytelling and craft activities
11.15 (Church)              Coffee and cake
11.30 (Church)              Father John Walker – ‘St Eanswythe’s meditation practices’
12.15 (Church)              Craft stalls
Re-enactment by local groups taking place through the day in and around the Museum and Church
15.00 (Museum)           Dr Andrew Richardson - ‘St Eanswythe and Kentish Royal Burials’*
19:00 (Church)              Lunatraktors (click to follow link) ‘broken folk’ concert**

*This is a pay to enter lecture with tickets a £5.00 per person, please go to the Folkestone Museum Billetto webpage (click to follow link)
**The Lunatrakors concert is free but donations will be gratefully accepted

Sunday 12th September – St Eanswythe’s Day

A solemn Eucharist for St Eanswythe Day followed by coffee, wine and cake, given by Father John Walker in St Mary’s & St Eanswythe’s Church at 10.30am

This webpage will be kept up-to-date with any changes to the programme. For any other details please enquire at Folkestone Town Hall, St Mary’s & St Eanswythe’s Church or call 01303 257946.