CSI: Folkestone – Threads of Time

CSI: Folkestone – A British Science Week Special Event – Threads of Time
What did Anglo-Saxons wear?
As part of British Science Week we’re exploring textiles and costume this coming Saturday as part of our wider week looking at our Anglo-Saxon Skeleton Aefre and Folkestone’s patron saint St Eanswythe.
You’ll be able to see re-enactors portraying Anglo-Saxon life, the replicated clothes of St Eanswythe, spinning, weaving and dyeing, antler and bone carving with Wulfheodenas and Luta’s Linen Chest. You can also take part in activities in the CSI: lab, looking the science behind archaeology.
We’re also excited to announce Fashion Historian Amber Butchart (from the BBC TV series ‘A Stitch in Time’) will be talking at 2pm.
March 7 @ 10:00
10:00 — 16:00 (6h)