PREHISTORIC – So you live in Iron Age Folkestone? (KS1)

Timings: The sessions last for approximately 1 hour and are available throughout the school day.

Find out how life was lived in the Iron Age settlement on East Wear Bay, Folkestone! What were the roles of women and warriors? What did children do in the Iron Age?  What were the houses like? This workshop explores life in the Iron Age through the archaeological evidence of dress, domestic life and burial practice.

National curriculum requirements: Local history; Stone Age to Iron Age; events beyond living memory

Activities: Guess the object; dress up as an Iron Age woman/warrior; make a roundhouse

Pre-visit needs: Class to devise a timeline for Stone Age to Iron Age.

Please contact for further information and booking.


November 12 @ 00:00 — July 17 @ 00:00
00:00 — 00:00 (5952h)