Our top tips for being Covid safe when visiting Folkestone Museum

We want you to enjoy your visit to Folkestone Museum with freedom, but we also want you (and our staff) to have as safe a visit as possible. To help things run as smoothly as they can we’ve put together our top tips for being Covid safe while enjoying Folkestone’s heritage, as well as a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) you may be considering…

Before you come:

  • Download the NHS contract tracing app on your phone *see contact tracing note
  • Check our Facebook page or website in case we have to make any last-minute changes (for instance if it’s a busy day and we have to start timed/booked entry)
  • Make sure you have a face-covering
  • If you’re unable to use hand sanitiser get some disposable gloves, it’s better to have fresh unused gloves for your visit, wearing ones that you’ve had on elsewhere can still move the virus around
  • Think about your group size, six individuals or less or two households maximum thank you
  • If you or in anyone in your bubble isn’t feeling well follow the guidance and stay at home, you can always visit another day

When you arrive:

  • We’re running a one way system with entry via the Town Hall front doors, please enter with your face coverings on, unless you’re exempt
  • If we’re at capacity we’ll ask you to book a time slot, which we will keep just for you and your bubble when you return
  • Use the sanitiser provided (or your own if you prefer), there’s some by the front door and also at the top of the stairs so you can use the handrail with confidence
  • Please scan the NHS contact tracing app QR code, or if unable one of our forms (which are securely kept for 21 days then destroyed) *see contact tracing note

As you walk around:

  • Follow the one-way route through the Museum, exiting downstairs into Market Place
  • Think about other visitors, please keep at least 2m away from other bubbles, everyone feels a little calmer and a little safer that way. On the subject of calm, don’t forget not everyone can wear face coverings, be kind
  • Some areas have a limit on the number of people that can go in, this is meant for a total number of individual visitors to maintain social distancing, you may enter as a bubble if there is no one else in that space, except for the RED ZONE
  • The RED ZONE – our beautiful Town Hall was built 150 years ago with a slightly different use in mind. There is one corridor which visitors must use to enter and exit our archaeology displays and its not possible to pass each other with 2m distancing, therefore we ask that people wait until the RED ZONE is free before passing through it
  • For the time being we’ve turned off some interactives as they can’t be used under current Covid-19 guidance, where possible we have put QR codes in place which link to online versions, ask if you need assistance
  • If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask a member of our staff, we want you to enjoy your visit

*With stage 3 of the roadmap everybody must give their contact details individually, this includes each member of a bubble or family group, its no longer possible to give a single contact for groups, everyone must provide their own contact details if 16 or above.



I don’t see any open windows, is the Museum well ventilated?

We have a state of the art ventilation system that detects when people are in the building, it blasts 1.2 cubic meters of fresh filtered air into the Museum every second.

Can I use the toilets?

It’s  visitors only, but we understand that life isn’t simple sometimes if your passing and in need… Well also be doing extra checks and cleaning as a matter of course. Our accessible toilet uses a Radar key, a spare is kept at reception if you don’t have one.

I’m worried about contact points and the possibility of touching unsanitised surfaces

All handrails, door handles, etc. are regularly sanitised during the day. Where it’s not practical to do this, such as with our oral history listening posts we have taken them out of service and provided QR codes that you can scan with a smartphone to listen to Folkestone’s history in the words of Folkestonians themselves

What’s happening with museum workshops & activities?

In the short term all activities will be pre-bookable to maintain social distancing. Where possible we’ll keep some slots free for walk-in, which will still be subject to the ‘when you arrive’ tips. It’s best to keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for upcoming workshops

I want to bring a school group

It’s best to email us via museum@folkestone-tc.gov.uk we are rolling our school workshops back out and also have a loans box scheme

I want to ask a question about something

Its best to email us via museum@folkestone-tc.gov.uk